The growth of advertising agencies in Dubai

Dubai, the commercial hub of the Middle East has witnessed tremendous economic growth in the last few decades. Enterprises from all over the world choose Dubai as the most preferred location when they go for global expansion. Today, thousands of multinational companies operate from Dubai. Needless to say, all these growth have also increased the employment opportunities in UAE. As a result, huge influxes of skilled as well as unskilled workforce has taken place in Dubai. Most of the migrants of Dubai hail from South Asia and North Africa. The population of the city has also increased significantly, making the market of Dubai one of the most dynamic ones in the world.

In the last few years, Dubai has also witnessed the rise of start-up culture. Educated youth are abandoning jobs to initiate their own venture. The advent of digital technology in the last few years has provided impetus to the growth of start-ups. Especially, in some sectors, healthy competition among the start-ups has set the bar of service very high. A few of these sectors, gaining market exposure in Dubai are as follows.

  1. Digital advertising

The power of digital media has been acknowledged by all in the industry. The enterprises which do not invest in effective digital marketing remain lagging behind in the race of market presence. Digital media also play an important role in maintaining customer loyalty through the enhancement of customer interaction. All these things can be ensured by an enterprise with the help of conceited digital advertisement. Today, the market of Dubai is full of digital advertising agencies, which provide complete solution of digital marketing to the enterprises. Needless to say, most of these digital advertising agencies in Dubai are start-ups.

  1. Travel and Tourism

The tourism sector of Dubai has always been robust. This is one of those sectors which are considered evergreen in Dubai. The youth has entered this sector with start-ups which promise to provide smart service to the customers. Today, these modern travel agencies provide tourists to plan their tours online, along with elaborate customizations. Tourists can also book the tours through the online platforms. With the use of digital media, the quality of service of Dubai travel agencies has also been improved to a great extent.

  1. Real estate

The real estate industry is always booming in Dubai. Every month, hundreds of new residential as well as commercial projects are approved in Dubai. Needless to say, the start-up culture has also entered the real estate industry in the form of online real estate brokering agencies. These agencies maintain database of all the construction companies in Dubai and their upcoming as well as completed projects. These agencies provide extremely customer friendly services.


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