How will software companies in Dubai help for your venture?

Dubai has one of the most developed markets in the whole world. An important feature of the market of Dubai is overseas investment. Investors from all over the world always seek to invest in the companies of Dubai. Needless to say, they do so as the amount of return from such investments is very high. Indian businessmen, like others, invest in the businesses in Dubai for greater returns. In fact, a lots of companies in Dubai are run with the help of Indian investment. The sectors which have the most amount of Indian businessmen investing in Dubai are as follows.

  1. Insurance sector

It is not unknown to anyone that the UAE is an Islamic country. So, the banking sector of Dubai mostly follows Islamic banking. Now, Islamic banking which is also known as Sharia banking has lots of limitations, especially in the domain of interest policies. So, the banks of Dubai lays greater emphasis on the insurance sector for ensuring steady returns. Indian businessmen take advantage of this trend and put their investment solely on the insurance sector. In fact, most of the insurance companies in Dubai run with investment from Indian enterprises. In the last few years, the insurance sector has shown tremendous growth in Dubai, thanks to the investments made by Indian businessmen.

  1. Software development

Indians have a reputation in the field of software development in the global market. A large number of American and Japanese technology companies rely on the services provided by Indian software development agencies based in India. As a result, the Indian software industry enjoys a very strong presence in the global market. Now, the Indian software companies have started investing in businesses in Dubai. Most of the software companies in Dubai are run with the help of investments from Indian businessmen. Needless to say, the software companies of Dubai are doing really well and providing great returns to the Indian investors.

  1. Logistics

Indian investors are also gaining stronghold in the logistics industry of Dubai. Indian businessmen are not only putting their investments in the shipping companies in UAE but also in the subsidiary businesses such as packaging and doorstep delivery business. In fact, the Indian companies providing logistics in Dubai are considered the best in the market there. Another reason of Indian businessmen investing in the logistics sector of Dubai is the strong trade relations between India and UAE.

  1. Real estate

Last but not the least, the real estate industry of Dubai is also full of Indian investors. In the last few years, almost all the leading real estate companies of India have expanded their operations to the gulf countries, especially the UAE. Indian investment in the real estate business of Dubai has helped it to rise in the last few years.


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