The present scenario of the manufacturing industries in UAE

Dubai is the commercial hub of the Middle East Region. There are a large number of trading companies in Dubai. You would find offices of not only local and regional trading companies, but also the multinational and global companies. Besides trading and commerce, Dubai is also home to a large number of manufacturing companies. In fact, among all of the units of Middle Eastern Region, the manufacturing industry is the most developed in Dubai. The manufacturing companies of Dubai mainly serve the oil industry, the ship building industry and the industry of consumer goods. Needless to say, the manufacturing sector of Dubai employ millions of people as workforce. In fact, every year, millions of people from all over Asia and Africa flock to Dubai in order to get recruited in one of the manufacturing companies. The manufacturing companies recruit large number of professionals as well as skilled and unskilled labourers, providing employment to a huge population. A thing worth mentioning here is that the manufacturing industry of Dubai has very low automation. As a result, most of the work is dependent on human workforce. However, in the last few years, automation is making inroads into some of the manufacturing companies, thereby increasing productivity of the factories.

If you are interested in setting up trade relations with the top manufacturing companies in Dubai, the first and foremost task you need to do is research. You must go through the business journals and different published papers to find out the sub sectors of manufacturing, which are the most lucrative in Dubai for setting up trade partnerships. You can do the research yourself or hire any business consultancy for the same. There are a number of business consultancy agencies operating in Dubai. They would conduct the research on your behalf and would suggest you the names of the manufacturing companies you should set up meetings with. However, the business consultancy agencies would demand a certain amount for their service. If you want to save this expense, you can simply take help of the online business directories.

Since the last few years, a number of online business directories have come up in the digital world, which not only enlist all the manufacturing companies in Dubai, but also allows users to rate them according to their market performance as well as client service quality. You can go through the ratings and reviews of other users in the online business directories and make your selection of any manufacturing company to partner with.

The best thing about the online business directories is that you would get key contact details of all the manufacturing industries in UAE. This makes it very easy for you to book appointment with any manufacturing company of Dubai as well as the UAE.


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